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Project Oriented

The Heartwood Homes Building Process


Four stages, at first focused on your project needs, lead to a contract to build a custom home.


- Concept Stage.

If firm plans are not in hand, preliminary meetings are held to develop a concept plan


- Proposal

 From your plans, or a developed concept plan, an estimate is prepared. It is used to develope a written proposal that lays out the features and cost of your new home. It will be incorporated into the legal contract, but it is not the contract. It focuses on exactly what will be built, what it will cost, and that allows you to firm up your financing.

It is not unusual to change the concept plan after reviewing a proposal and repeat the process. In most cases, Heartwood Homes doesn't charge fees to work through this as it allows you to manage your budget.




- Financing

Once you have finialized your proposal it's time to take it to the bank to get your construction loan. Since financing terms can affect contractual provisions, such as draw schedules and deposit provisions, the final contract will not be written until bank financing is determined.



- Contract

These are the documents that legally bind all parties to the construction of your new home. It incorporates the proposal and all terms necessary to comply with Maryland law.



Heartwood Homes, Ltd

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