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     The term Custom Home is very broad. For us at Heartwood Homes, Ltd. it’s anything you want built. We’ll build on your lot or ours, we’ll build from your plan, our plan, make changes to existing plans, or even design from scratch. 

All About You     Our process has worked very well for many people over the years. We’ll start with simple sketches and move into computer drawings when we’re ready, and as long as you’re comfortable with our free sketches, the only cost you need to incur is your time. 


     You’re about to read about the general process that leads to your custom home contract. Keep in mind that, although we’ve broken it down into four steps, the process is not rigid and will be organized to meet your needs.

Thank You,
Keith Knoblauch, President
Heartwood Homes, Ltd



Heartwood Homes, Ltd

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