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The Contract: Step 4

     When we write the contract there should be no surprises as to what we’re going to put into your home or what it will cost. We replace the sketches with scaled computer drawn Concept drawings and formally attach the proposal as contract exhibit. We’ll have a final document that the bank’s appraiser can use to value the property and we’ll have something we can use to start the permit process. 

     What is new in this phase is the contract language. Up to this point we have been working on what will become your new home,. The contract covers all the legal aspects of new home construction,. It is a good idea to request a preliminary copy for your lawyer to review at some point prior to this, but it’s also just fine to wait and review it before signing. 

     Once the contract is signed and we have a deposit, we’ll apply for the permit and draw the construction documents.




Heartwood Homes, Ltd

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