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The Proposal Phase: Step 3

     The Proposal Phase evolves naturally during the process. This is where we first estimate your new home cost and provide you with a detailed document listing the features that will be part of your new home. Some of the line items may be estimates, for example, if you’re looking for a custom kitchen, we may cover that with an allowance estimate. 

     The Proposal part of the process is still very flexible. If you find your cost estimate and budget don’t match, we’ll amend your Concept Plans until they match. This is also the part of the process where people begin to focus on the details of their new home. Proposals usually are 7 or 8 page documents that also allow you to begin the application process for your construction loan. . You also may start working with some of our preferred contractors to better define your needs in the proposal. 

     At some point the Proposal will firm up, and then the next step will be to write the contract.





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